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1. Period and organiser

The REAL NATURE "Satisfaction Guarantee" is a long-term promotion starting on 01.02.2022.
The organiser of the campaign is MultiFit Tiernahrungs GmbH, Westpreußenstraße 32-38, 47809 Krefeld.

2. Who can take part?

Everybody who has bought the pet food in an Irish Maxi Zoo-Markt [1].
Only one product per person during the entire campaign. Limited to two people per household.
Employees of the Maxi Zoo group and their dependents are not eligible.

3. Products

The REAL NATURE "Satisfaction Guarantee" campaign applies to all bags of REAL NATURE dry food for dogs and all bags of REAL NATURE dry food for cats.


4. Who is eligible?

Here is how you can take advantage of the Satisfaction Guarantee:
Return the original package at least half full (by weight ) in your Maxi Zoo market [1]. Returns are possible only in the market where the product was bought, and only with proof of purchase. If you bought the product on the Maxi Zoo Ireland online shop, please contact our online customer service team. 
Returns will be accepted within 30 days of purchase (as shown on receipt).
The store staff will check whether the return meets the conditions for participation. If the return is valid, they will refund the purchase price.

5. Other

We reserve the right to terminate the REAL NATURE "Satisfaction Guarantee" campaign in full or in part subject to 30 days' notice or to amend the conditions for participation.

[1] In participating Maxi Zoo markets only